Membrane Switch Cure
By Mike Walters

Part 2

I went ahead and de soldered the original ribbon sockets from the PCB. I figured I'd just use the existing holes, and I knew the sockets would no longer be of any use. That's all up to you. You could keep them in, and solder the new wires to the legs of the parallel components if you want.

Now I was all ready to wire the panel. Since the switches shared pin outs, and I entered the data the same on the spread sheet, I simply entered a pin out in the search field of Excel. For example, I typed "1, 2" into the search field, and it highlighted switches 2, 3, 5, 14, 29, and 43. Therefore, I needed to wire continuity on one lug of each of those switches. For an easy reference, see the second half of the Pin Outs page. I have listed the continuity of each switch pattern. Just wire one lug of each switch how I have listed, and you will achieve success.

I designated each ribbon with a color. I used Orange, Navy, and Sky Blue to match the theme of The Source. Eventually, it looked lovely :)

Finally, it was time to wire the new ribbon wires to the PCB. I used gray wire because gray matters. I labeled the ends with wire markers that sucked and fell off. They were from Radio Shack.

I drilled holes, placed a grommet inside, and fed the wires through. Notice how the labels got unstuck from the wires. They were more like Post It notes.

Once all the wires were routed through the chassis of the synthesizer and re identified (only 27% of the labels survived the journey to the other side), I soldered each to its proper switch array. They don't have to go in order, since they're all parallel to the source pin. I did that and was all ready to test...

Guess what? It didn't work. I had to switch plans. So it sat for months for me to think about it and what went wrong. I had to look within. While I examined myself, the thought finally hit me: What had happened?

Months had passed, there were things I was that I should have done differently. I got an email from Julie wondering how it was going. I told her I had run into "problems"


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