Modified by Mike Walters 2004

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"What Did You Do To My Intelligent Synthesizer?"My buddy Finn brought me his Roland E-5 Intelligent Synthesizer for an emergency repair before he went on tour. About 6 or 7 keys weren't working. He also gave me permission to find some mods. I only wired one, but it's really dang cool. I'm sure there are a lot more circuit bends on here, but I didn't want to get too risky because it was primarily a repair. Returning it fried would not be hip.

After that, Finn let me borrow WDYDTMIS anytime I did a solo show. It has this "instant Eno" sound quality that's quite beautiful. Then about a year ago, I found a broken Roland E5 on ebay for $3! It was a really easy fix, and I copied the bend I did on Finn's so I don't have to bug him anymore. WDYDTMIS can be heard a lot on The Nein's record "Wrath of Circuits" and on my project with Brian Buchanan called "Fun Fun".


Short song recorded straight from the machine (random delay/reverb effects came from keyboard)

A sample of WDYDTMIS synching with my drum machine via MIDI. 2 tracks with a little phaser.

Song called "Little Buttons" recorded with WDYDTMIS synched with The Contemporary Christian

A loop I created from WDYDTMIS. I submitted this to a mysterious site called Loopsilove, but I don't know if the project has dissolved??