Built by Mike Walters, 2003

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In 2001, not long after our singer Viva joined Jett Rink, he asked me if I could paint his Casio 7000 hot pink. I said "Of course!" and told him I'd modify the circuitry and make it so much cooler. I took it apart, and the damn thing locked up on me during a rigorous circuit bending session. It locked up, and never came back. In a sense, I fried it. So I offered to build him a new one out of a Casio CT-310, which I knew how to modify already.

Fast forward two and a half years... I finally finished it. In a personal rally to finish all my pile of projects over the winter, I knew I had to do it. He had my word! I even painted the keys with reversed colors. I took the keys off, sanded each one, strung them on a make shift clothes line, and started painting. Oh, and I made the body pink as requested. The buttons are for some simple mods, and there are two body contacts. See MrE-82 for sounds (same board).