Modified by Mike Walters 2002

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I've done modifications to four Casio CT-310s, and this one was the most modified. I sold it to a guy in Texas, and it was damaged in shipping. USPS paid for another one, because the motherboard cracked in half. I was able to fix it, and send it back to him. The theme was inspired by the year 1982.

Mystery Knob! When the toggle switch under it is flipped, the mode is activated. It is a 12 way rotary switch, with a different noise sequence on each turn. This MP3 is about 2 seconds of each turn.

This switch makes the drums say "Cha!"

Makes that same drum bark like a dog. Sort of.

When playing a drum bank, this switch takes out the high hats. All you hear is a Bass and a Snare.

Very cool body contact. When combined with the body contacts of #7, a building hiss emerges. It's pressure sensitive.

Another set of body contacts. The harder you press, the more effect. It's hard to describe. You have to listen to it.

Set of 3 body contacts that mess with the timbre. The effect changes with different instruments. Usually, it creates a nice distortion, but sometimes it bends the pitch. I put it towards the left so you can play the leads with your right hand and distort them. Also, it is pressure sensitive.

Very cool drum noise effect. Basically, you tap all three body contacts (6 & 7's) for a "snare" sound. If you do that while touching the #8 contacts, you get a "bass" sound.