Built by Mike Walters, 2004

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Built in a little less than 2 months. I got really obsessed with this one. My wife was cool about the entire process taking over the whole house. This is my version of the Sound Lab Mini Synth. It's a really great circuit designed by Ray Wilson. The wooden case I bought at Thriftworld for 99 cents. It was a bread box. I refinished it in cherry, and lacquered it up x 5. The front and back panels were made from welders sheet. The entire synthesizer is patchable via banana jacks. Fun to circuit bend right there within itself, and I can also interface anything with anything that produces voltage. The sounds are very institutional. The blue trigger button is the kind used on arcade/pinball machines. Click here to see a big up close picture. Measures 14.5" long, 10" tall, 8" wide.